The Importance of Your Social Reputation

With social media becoming more engrained in the buying process, your social presence is often one of the first places consumers visit and your social reputation could be the first impression consumers see. And you know what they say about a first impression.
Today we’ll look at the amount of negative brand conversations and the sharing of shopping experiences

shutterstock_64192717● Approximately half of all social brand conversations is positive and one in five are negative
● Overall, 95% of consumers will tell someone about a negative shopping experience. 87% will brag about a good experience
● 45% of consumers will take to social media to tell friends and family about a negative shopping experience
● Less than one-third will give online praise for a positive experience
● 35% will leave a negative review about a brand or business
● Less than one in four will give a positive review

Why is this important?

Bad News doesn’t just travel fast – it travels faster and with more impact
than good news. Because of the weight consumers put in the opinions of
online peers and review sites, a negative review can cost your business from
the moment it’s posted.
How often do you monitor your own social media sites?
Are there unresolved negative comments up there right now?
Do you have a response strategy for negative reviews and posts?
Then only thing worse than ignoring them is taking them personally.
The quicker you can remediate a bad situation, the more likely consumers are excuse a shopping experience that was less than positive.
Being vindictive with a someone who has posted negative information will make you look worse than unprofessional. For more information on creating more customers through your social reputation, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Dimension Research;


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