Millennials Trust User Generated Content

Our last few posts have dealt with the reasons why your social reputation is important. It’s not just how many people see it or how it is shared – it’s the fact that so many consumers put trust in UGC (Blogs, peer reviews, peer postings, ect.). Millennials, those age 18-36, are the next great wave of consumers. These potential customers put a good deal of faith in the opinion of others and digital user generated content.

shutterstock_65243722● Millennials spend an average of 18 hours a day with various media ( work and leisure time combined), nearly 30% of it is spend with user generated content
● Over 70% will interact with a social media presence at least once a day
● 50% say User Generated Content is more trust worthy than other media
● Nearly 70% of Millennials say they trust online peer reviews
● Half trust social network postings
● Millennials trust the opinions of peer reviews more than the opinions of experts (68% vs. 64%)

What This Means To You

Millennials maybe first full digital generation. The internet has been part of their lives from nearly the very beginning. Now, the Millennial generation is entering the main consumer acquisition stage of their lives. While we are all influenced by the opinions of others, Millenials have access to more information, more opinions and are more connected to these sources than any prior group. Integrating testimonials, promoting positive reviews and rewarding online praise for your business will go a long way toward creating engagement between your business and Millennials. But don’t just limit these activities to your digital campaigns – it needs to be part and parcel of your overall customer acquisition strategy. This important group is also engaged with traditional media as well – by not extending these tactics to other forms of media you are probably missing out on a huge portion of potential customers. Remember, this group spends 18 hours per day with media and they spend more time with traditional media than User Generated Content. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at the types of purchases User Generated Content has the most influence over. For more information on gaining a competitive advantage through strategic media, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Mashable; Ipsos


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