Millennials, UGC and Purchasing Decisions

Yesterday, we posted information on just how trustworthy Millennials
(adults age 18-36) put into User Generated Content, social media and the
online opinion of others.
Beyond the pure trust factor, UGC shapes the buying decisions of Millennials.

UGC-300x291● Nearly 60% of Millennials said that UGC helped them make a informed decision when they last made a major electronic purchase
● 54% said it helped them in their last vehicle purchase
● 53% indicated it was factor when they purchased a major appliance and 46% revealed ity played a big part of their last mobile phone purchase
● 45% said it influenced the last hotel choice and four in 10 said it was a factor the last time they made travel plans

What This Means To You

If UGC influences Millennials in these purchase decisions, it’s a good bet
that is has influence over most of their buying patterns.
As we stated yesterday, merging testimonials into your overall marketing
plan is a great first step. You should also start to reward those that convey positive information about your business.
Ask them to “Like” you on Facebook – and after they do, say thanks
Same goes for Twitter, ask them to follow and thank those that do.
Simply saying thanks is good, delivering them an offer is even better.
It’s something that will bring them back to your business and they more
than likely will tell their online peers. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither
is a loyal customer base.
Developing these organic brand evangelists will pay dividends far down the road.
Look and creating loyalty programs that will give you the opportunity to enhance the connection between your business and customers
Feature these loyal customers opinions in your marketing plans (with their approval of course) in both digital and traditional media. But you have to promote. If no one knows what you are doing, then will probably never know, where you are, how you can save them money or how you are going to make their lives easier. For more information on creating loyal customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Mashable; Ipsos


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