Top Multiplatform Opportunities

Yesterday’s post showed just how pervasive multiplatform activities are. In today’s post, we’ll delve into just what digital activities consumers are involved with while watching TV – The majority of these activities can help your business develop new customers or deepen your relationship with existing ones.

shutterstock_87446171 copy● 35% of TV viewers are browsing the internet while watching TV
● 30% are checking their email
● Just over one in four are sending text messages or are engaged with social media
● Roughly one in five are writing emails
● Just over 20% also browsing for products and services
● One in six are playing video games or are talking on the phone
● 16% are purchasing products or services
● Just under 15% are microblogging, reading for pleasure or reading for work or school

What This Means To You

Over 86% of TV viewers are involved in some kind of digital multiplatform activity. Incorporating your digital, mobile, and social campaigns into your existing traditional marketing tactics is paramount to success. Your digital activities should not be stand-alone or tell a completely different story. Because digital, mobile and social marketing allows tremendous targeting capabilities – you can alter your message to the segment you wish to focus, but it should fall under the same umbrella as your overall campaign. Tying campaigns provides for a more holistic approach to building your brand. For more information on how to grow your business through the seamless integration of digital activities, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Deliotte


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