Search Engines Very Important to Local Businesses

Search engines are the life blood of the digital experience. Search engines are the starting point for most people online and it’s the most popular online activity. A recent report shows just how important search is to local businesses.

BlueOrbSearch● 96% of desktop/laptop users performed a search looking for a local businesses
● 81% of tablet owners and 79% of smart phone owners did the same
● No matter what platform was used, restaurants were the most popular local business
that was searched for (24% of desktop/laptop users, 28% of tablet users, 30% of smartphone users)
● Local retail was the second most popular business searched for. 23% of desktop/laptop users searched for a local retail business. So did 28% of smart phone users and one third of tablet users
● Local services came in at #3. 21% of desktop/laptop & smart phone users searched for a local service. 11% of tablet users performed a search for a local service
● On average, 10% of users searched for local health & fitness business and 9% search for local entertainment options
● Nearly 40% of all consumers used multiple platforms during their search, but nearly half of the desktop/laptop users were loyal to only that device

What This Means To You

Local businesses often don’t have the name recognition as their national or regional competitors – or the budget to develop that top of mind awareness. A solid search strategy puts you on the same level as those competitors.
In fact, if you don’t have a robust search strategy – it is most likely costing you business and empowering your competition as you are reading this.
Someone once said the best place to bury a dead body is on the second page of a Google Search.
Think about it, how often to you go to the second page of a search?
How often to you go past the 3rd listing?
Search tactics can even give you an advantage over large competition.
Many consumers would rather support local businesses instead of regional enterprises or big box national companies. In fact, 89% of consumers agree that independent businesses contribute positively to local economies. Over the next couple of posts, we’ll delve into who is using local search, what the types of information they are searching for and these results that came from those searches. For more information on how to create a winning results from consumer search activities, please contact:

Al Fiala
Sources: Neustar Localeze, 15 Miles,


2 responses to “Search Engines Very Important to Local Businesses

  1. You make a strong case for the value of search in any marketing plan. One question: What is the survey / report from which you obtained your statistics? Thanks!

    • Hi Bill – Thanks for going the conversation. The information is pulled from several executive studies of the latest Neustar Localeze Report that was created with 15 Mile.
      There is a infographic summary available from 15 mile. I am still trying to fins a full copy of the report.
      Hope that helps – If I can find the full report, I’ll send it on.

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