What Consumers Are Searching For When They Search

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled information showing the importance of search to local businesses. With over 90% of desktop/laptop owners performing searches for local businesses and 80% of mobile device owners doing the same, the next question is – just what are they looking for?

Social engineering concept● Far and away the most often thing consumers are looking for when searching for a local business is the address or local (27% of smart phone users, 22% of desktop/laptop users and 14% of tablet users)
● The overall second most popular type of information looked for is specific information on needed products or services. This is actually the #1 type of information that tablet searchers are trying to find (17% laptop/desktop, 16% smart phone, 20% tablet)
● #3 was the businesses phone number (16% desktop/laptop, 15% smart phone, 14% tablet)
● 11% of searchers across all platforms were looking for driving directions and hours of operation
● Just under 10% were looking for research information on products and services
● 7% were searching for coupons/deals or were searching specifically for reviews

What This Means To You

One of the first takeaways for this information is the way each platform plays into searching.
Smartphone searchers are more active after they have made a decision on what they are going to buy. Because smart phones rank highest for searching for addresses or locations, and driving directions – you can derive that consumers are using these devices for actually finding where you are and how to get to your location.
Tablet searchers are more active in the research phase of the purchase process. They rank highest for looking for specific products and services, product research and hours of operation. Consumers are using tablet searches narrow their choices of businesses.

Take a look at your web presences
Is your address prominent?
Do you have a mapping or directions function?
If you have a picture of your business, is it recent?
Do you have a place for product reviews, or better yet – customer testimonials?
Have you enabled a Click to Call function?

Now look at your competitors web sites

All these go to the main reason why so many consumers are becoming mobile first and a growing list are becoming mobile only – convenience. If your
business isn’t easily found on a search engine or if information isn’t easily
found and conveniently navigated to – consumers will most likely move on
to the next businesses site that is. For more information on developing cohesive media strategies they will increase your brand awareness and your bottom line, please contact:

Al Fiala
Sources: Neustar Localeze, 15 Miles,


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