Local Search Leads to Purchase

Over the past couple of posts, we’ve delivered information on how search affects local business and the types of information consumers are searching for. Today we’ll look at what happens after consumers perform a local search.

sales● 61% of local business searches on a laptop / desktop resulted in a sale. That is up slightly from last year (59% last year)
● Nearly two-thirds of local business searches delivered a sale
● Year over year, tablet searches that resulted in a sale slipped 20%
● Close to 80% of smart phone searches for local businesses ended in a sale. That is flat to the prior year

What This Means To You

Every piece of research that has come out in the past few years has pointed to how important mobile is to businesses. It doesn’t matter your category of business, the type of business you are operating or the geographic location of your business. Consumers are just becoming mobile first, many are becoming mobile only. You need to think of mobile as a main way consumers are going to learn about your business.
When was the last time you viewed your company’s web site on your mobile device?
When was the last time you asked an employee to review the website on a smart phone or tablet?
Is it hard to read?
Do you have to scroll to find information?
Are any of your links broken?
Are all the images viewable?
Think about it from a potential customer’s point of view, if you make it hard for them to find the information they need, how likely are they to patronize your business.
Spend time on the competition’s mobile sites as well. What are they doing right that your site needs improvement on. What are they doing wrong that you can capitalize on.
Mobile is indeed one of the most powerful forces your business can harness.
In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at the messages that resonate most with mobile consumers
For more information on how to create winning consumer acquisition strategies,
please contact:

Al Fiala
Sources: Neustar Localeze, 15 Miles,


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