Why Consumers Opt-In to Mobile Offers

Mobile is rapidly becoming the preferred avenue for consumers to many functions that used to be reserved for desktops and laptops.
Emails are most often read on mobile devices before they are on desktops
Mobile social media activities are rapidly eclipsing desktop/laptop social networking
Banking and shopping are also moving towards becoming mobile first activities.
The question is, how do you make your mobile offering more attractive to potential users? Today we’ll examine new research that looks into the top reasons consumers opt-in to mobile marketing messages.

shutterstock_89941738● Nearly 60% of consumers signed up to for a mobile to receive special offers or promotions
● Half wanted to know when sales are
taking place
● Almost 40% wanted to get reminders and alerts)
● 35% wanted to get updates on loyalty programs they belong to
● Roughly 30% wanted to get real-time status updates on orders they had places or learn about specific location based deals
● Over one in four wanted to stay up to date on product offerings or availability of specific products

What This Means To You

This information isn’t just valuable in acquiring new mobile members, it’s also important in keeping them connected to you through mobile messaging.
Don’t just assume that once they opt-in, they will stay opted-in or will faithfully read your mobile offerings.
If a consumer signs on to receive a special deal, whether it’s a discount, free shipping or member points, what are you doing to make sure they it’s not a one-time occurrence?

Some things you can do to keep consumers coming back:

Make your offers relevant – Don’t continue to send out the same 10% coupon.  The offer has to be seen as valuable and unique. If you continue to send out the same message, consumers will get bored with it and not check it or unsubscribe
Don’t over message– Just because they signed up once , doesn’t mean that they want your to fill up their inbox with offers. It doesn’t have to legally fall into the definition of SPAM for consumers to consider it such
Make it multifunctional – Do more than just pump out coupons. Add messaging about product updates and special store events. If you can incorporate your CRM solution or inventory control system do so. This could move consumers to make purchases they might put off later if they see that products are in jeopardy of selling out
● Socialize your offers – One of the great things about mobile messaging is the ability to share them. If you give additional benefits when a mobile user shared the message with friends, you holistically increase your brand’s influence. A shared message will also hold more credence with the person who gets it, because someone they know has recommended it to them

These are just 4 quick points to create memorable mobile messages. The more functionality that mobile devices have built in to them and the more people become depended on them – the bigger the influence your mobile campaigns can have on their purchase habits. For more information on taking advantage of the power of mobile, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Ipsos; eMarketer


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