What Mobile Offers Work Best?

In a recent post, we examined the reasons behind consumers opting in
to mobile offers. Today, we’ll look at how likely consumers were to act on
specific messages.

shutterstock_98997599● Two-thirds of consumers were most likely to take action after receiving a price based offer
● Over half were moved to take action after getting a time based offer
● Half took action after getting a location based offer
● Just under half took action after getting a specific product based offer
● Offers based on items similar to ones purchased moved 45% of consumers to take action
● General marketing messages got 31% of consumers to make a purchase

What This Means To You

It all comes down to targeting. Putting the right items, in front of the right, consumer, with the right offer.
Does your business use any kind of CRM solution?
Tracking what consumers are buying can help you create effective offers across many platforms.  You’ll know what they want to purchase and how much of a discount it will take to move them to buy. You’ll also have the ability to extend the purchase by offering complimentary items to what they’ve bought. You may also be able to get Co-op dollars from some manufacturers by targeting their products. For more information on creating effecting mobile offers,
please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Ipsos; eMarketer


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