In-Store Mobile Use Crosses Generational Lines

Consumers aren’t just using their mobile devices as part of their shopping experience; they rely on these devices while in-store to assist in the buying process. New research is out that shows consumers of all ages, not just younger shoppers, take their mobile devices with them on shopping trips to make sure they get the best deal available.

shutterstock_86160289● 97% of Generation Y shoppers (Age 18-29) rely on their smart phones at least sometimes when shopping in-store as did 91% of Generation X shoppers (Age 30-43)
● More than eight in 10 Young Boomer consumers (Age 44-53) bring their smart phone with them specifically to aid in shopping while in-store
● Near 70% of Older Boomers and Seniors (Age 54+) took their smart phone into a brick and mortar location
● 88% of Gen Y consumers and 89% of Gen X shoppers think their device makes them a smarter shopper
● 87% of Young Boomer and 85% of Older Boomer / Seniors think agree that smart phones that bringing their smart phones makes them a better informed customer

What This Means To You

Mobile consumers are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, mobile devices offer functionality that can give you a competitive advantage.
Make it convenient to find the information they want – Consumers are relying on reviews, product video’s and UGC to make better decisions. By paring QR codes with products, you have the ability for consumers to easily get specific product reviews along with testimonials from your customers and provide special offers
Develop loyalty – Do you have a loyalty program? Again by using QR codes, you can easily have consumers sign up for your loyalty program and provide them with discounts that will keep them coming back. You may also be able to gather some data that makes it possible for you to create more effective offers.
Make shopping more social – Most CRM solutions allow for the inclusion of email addresses. Many are now including social information. Look for functionality that allows for customer social automation. After the loyalty program customer makes a purchase of a certain value, they are given the opportunity to socially share their information and earn rewards —
They buy a sweater, they get a message asking if they want to earn a discount for sharing with their connected networks and are shown an automated message, when they agree a message is sent out via social networks talking about the great deal they got on a blue sweater from your store. The costumer is texted a coupon for their next shopping trip.
You’re not going to stop the tide of mobile assisted shopping, the best you can do is offer solutions that help them keep shopping with you. For more information on how to monetize mobile shopping, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Local Search Association; Thrive Analytics


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