What Consumers Want When Using a Mobile Device In-Store

Yesterday, we examined how mobile devices are being used by consumers of all ages while shopping in brick and mortar locations. Today, we’ll go into the types of information they are looking for.

shutterstock_62413021● The top reason consumers are using mobile devices in-store is to compare prices. 60% of Generation Y (Age 18-29) and Generation X shoppers (Age 30-43) compare prices of items using a mobile device while shopping
● 52% of Younger Boomers (Age 44-53) and 51% of Older Boomers & Seniors did the same
● Coupon Use was the #2 reason, 56% of Gen Y shoppers used a mobile device to find coupons and so did 60% of Gen X consumers
● 52% of Young Boomers and half of Older Boomers were mobile-ly looking for coupons and offers

What This Means To You

Consumers are always looking to save money – and the businesses that make it convenient for them to save will most likely come out ahead of the game.
Convenience and connectivity are the main reasons consumers have been so reliant (ie addicted) to their mobile devices.
What are you doing to keep customers shopping at your location?
How much have you invested just to get each customer to walk through your door?
Are you using everything in your arsenal to keep that sale?
Yesterday we talked about all the things you can do to keep them the money with you.  Your competitors are probably doing similar things…So what are you doing to set yourself apart?
For more information on how customers make buying decisions and the affect of mobile on their purchase path, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Local Search Association; Thrive Analytics


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