In-Store Mobile Use is Affecting Path to Purchase

In yesterday’s post we saw that the top two reasons consumers use mobile devices in store was to save money either through comparison shopping or searching for offers. But what happens after they use their decive?

Mobile-shopping-525x600● 65% of Generation Y shoppers (Age 18-29) and just over 62% of Generation X shoppers (Age 30-43) will stop moving forward with a purchase because of new information they find using their mobile device
● Older consumers are a little less likely to stop their search. 45% of Younger Boomers (Age 44-55) and just under 40% of Older Boomers /Seniors (Age 54+) will stop
their search
● The most popular action after learning new information was purchasing the item online. Nearly half of consumers under age 43 decided to make the purchase online (47% of Gen Y s and 46% of Gen X shoppers)
● Just over 40% of consumers age 44+ decided to buy the same item online (41% of Younger Boomers, Older Boomers & Seniors)
● The next most popular action was to buy the same item from a nearby competitor

What This Means To You

A consumer’s willingness to make the purchase online or buying it from another brick and mortar company is probably based on the difference in price and the immediate need of the item. While shoppers are more than willing to save 20% by purchasing a big ticket item online or driving to a another location, “Showrooming” of less expensive items or things they need right away
is not as common.

Does your business have a “Showrooming” strategy?

A few ways to combat “Showrooming” are:
● Online price matching
● Free delivery on items of a certain price point
● Hauling away of old items
● Complimentary set up or assembly
● Free of charge product training
● No hassle return policies

Offering and then promoting these services will remind customers the advantages of buying from you vs. buying from an online retailer or a
cross-town competitor.
Very often, consumers time and effort can trump a discount offered on
certain items
Speaking to the immediacy of the obtaining the item, hidden costs associated with shipping and the convenience you can provide can help you overcome the lure of “Showrooming”. For more information on how to take advantage of mobile shopping, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Local Search Association; Thrive Analytics


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