Consumers Open To SMS Offers

Mobile technology has opened up many new avenues of customer messaging, one of the most effective maybe SMS texting. New research has come out that shows SMS is very capable  and consumers are to receiving SMS texts from business.

9c4A96ncE● 98% of SMS messages are read, the average response time to an SMS message is 90 seconds
● SMS is the preferred way of receiving ads on mobile devices. 75% of consumers said they would rather get them via SMS
● 49% of all smartphone owners said they are open to receiving ads via SMS
● The groups most interested in getting SMS advertising are Generation X (Age 30 to 43) at 55% and Generation Y (Age 18-29) at 52%

What This Means To You
While consumers are open to receiving SMS commercial messages, you need to follow guidelines similar to email marketing.
Only deliver SMS messages to consumers who have specifically signed up to get them.
Make sure that the offers you are delivering are targeted and have value.
Don’t over message.
You need to remember that it’s possible that the end user is paying to receive your message by individual text. Build in immediacy to increase the impact of your message. The more targeted you can make your message the better. For more information on how to maximize your mobile efforts, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: SlickMessage; Local Search Association; Thrive Analytics


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