Coupons Moving to Mobile

Couponing still alive and thriving but the delivery method is rapidly changing. For decades, people would get their scissors and the Sunday paper and look for the things that were on the weekly shopping list. Coupons are still the number one reason why consumers buy newspapers, but the digital age moved coupon users from clipping to clicking and now mobile devices have them tapping for discounts.

mobile coupon 3● This year, it’s estimated that 10 billion mobile coupons will be redeemed and over 50 million people download a mobile coupon
● 75% of smart phone users have used a mobile coupon
● 8 in 10 smart phone users they have an improved perception of businesses that offer mobile coupons
● 65% of consumers will add things to their shopping list because of a mobile coupon

What This Means To You

We’ve shown lots of information on how mobile is altering the way consumers discover, research, select and purchase the products they use every day. Those changes should also trigger changes in the way you reach, engage and draw traffic to your business.
Mobile coupons can be delivered through numerous channels – email, SMS, apps, group deal sites, QR codes and location based services are just a few. If you are currently using coupons as a marketing tool – do some a / b testing to see what delivery methods are most effective. You should also be prepared to pivot to a new mobile delivery method because of rapid pace at which consumer trends evolve. If you are still only using traditional methods to get coupons to your customers, think about mobile coupons. Look around your store – how many shoppers have their mobile devices with them. Mobile coupons can mean the difference between a sale and someone “showrooming”. For more information on how to monetize mobile functions, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: KeyRing; Juniper Research


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