Mobile Couponers are Very Valuable

In a recent post, we looked into how many consumers are using mobile coupons. In today’s post, we’re going to look at the value of consumers who use mobile coupons. These active shoppers could be the exact type of shopper your business needs.

mobile_coupon2● Mobile coupon users annual spend 42% more of their discretionary income than those who do not use mobile coupons
● During the average shopping trip, they spend 13% more
● They make an average of 25% more shopping trips per year as well
● Millennials in particular are more likely to shop using mobile coupons – 78% of millennial have redeemed a mobile coupon – that’s 23% higher than the average shopper
● 40% of Millennials said they will likely be using more mobile coupons
in the future
● Another group that over indexes for mobile coupon use are Hispanic
shoppers – 80% indicated they had gotten a money saving offer through their mobile device

What This Means To You

On average, consumers look at their smart phone 150 times per day, but it increasingly the first place they look to save money. These consumers don’t just spend more each they shop, they tend to shop more often. Mobile coupons don’t just have the ability to bring in more customers, they can also develop loyal customers. When you create you mobile coupon strategy, don’t let it be a one shot deal. Offer them the ability to sign up to receive mobile coupons on a regular basis. Also, ask them just a few questions about what they mainly are looking to purchase from your store or they types of deals they are looking for. Phrase these questions in a way that tells them you want save them time, effort and screen space by only offering them deals & products they will use. But then follow through on it. Customize the offers to meter their needs. When you tailor offer to your customer’s wants and needs, you’re not sending them advertising, you are becoming a reliable source of savings. For more information on how to deepen your relationship with existing customer’s, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; Puca


2 responses to “Mobile Couponers are Very Valuable

  1. I wish you linked to the specific articles you’re getting these stats from.

    • Hi Amber, If you look to the bottom of the Post, you will see a source line. Most of my posts come from a variety of
      sources (Articles, Public Studies, Proprietary Research, ect.) Instead of creating links, I source the information.
      For this particular post, I culled information from a several MediaPost publications and well as a study from Puca.
      Puca is the company that the research was created for.
      Thanks. If I can give any further information, pleas don’t hesitate to reach out.

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