Consumers Seek Out, Use and Share Mobile Coupons

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled information on the shopping habits of mobile coupons.  Today, we’re going to show the primary and secondary impact of mobile coupons.

mobile_coupons● Mobile Coupons have a redemption rate 10X higher than newspaper coupons
● 22% of mobile coupons are shared
● Nearly one in five mobile consumers look for mobile coupons before they make a purchase
● 47% of consumers said they would like for businesses to send them mobile coupons when they are near the business

What This Means To You

A mobile coupon can be the difference between a consumer buying from you or making a purchase from the competition. The fact that mobile coupons are shared so often gives you the ability to extend the message. Location based offers also may be an opportunity for you to create sales. Social networks like Foursquare can assist you in monetizing consumers when they enter your area of influence. And because it’s a tool that many businesses are not taking advantage of, your offer could stand out even further. For more information on making more money with mobile, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: SlickText, Mediapost


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