Shopping vs. Buying

Some people enjoy the activity of shopping – searching out the perfect item and the satisfaction of finding it. For others, it’s all about making the purchase, not the browsing.
A new report shows that younger consumers find the activity of shopping just as satisfying as buying the items they are looking for and they want the in-store experience to mimic the online experience.

paper-shopping-bags-1158373● One third of consumers age 14 to 34 say the act of browsing or shopping is more fun than purchasing items
● Half of young shoppers browse for items they have no intention of purchasing
● 40% of young consumers make purchasing wish lists
● 56% of consumers age 14 to 34 want in-store sales to match online sales
● Over 40% want online and in-store inventories to match

What This Means To You

These young consumers are the next big wave of purchasers and technology has changed the way this group of consumers makes purchases vs. generations before them.  Just as they want online content delivered to them on their terms and time frame – they want the same while shopping. Their purchases are also heavily influenced by social media and mobile activity. This may mean a change in the way you look at stocking your locations and your product merchandising strategy. It also means that you will probably need to increase the attention paid to the competition. In earlier posts we showed how consumers are not shy about “showrooming”. If younger consumers find a better deal on products – it’s likely you could lose them to both online or local brick and mortar competition. For more information on gaining a competitive advantage through digital tools, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Mobile Commerce Daily; The Intelligence Group


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