The Effects of Mobile Shopping

We know that the use of mobile devices in-store affects more than just what consumers buy – it plays a big part in whether they complete the sale with you, buy from an online merchandiser or spend their money at one of your competitors. New research has come out that looks at the effect mobile devices have on the overall purchase process.

2012-04-16_131343● While mobile commerce accounts for approximately $40 billion annually, mobile influenced sales reached over $590 billion last year
● Mobile influenced sales are projected to grow 50% this year
● Nearly 85% of consumers have use mobile devices as part of the shopping process
● Shoppers who use mobile devices have a purchase conversion rate 40% higher than the general public
● 22% of shoppers said they spent more money because of their use of a mobile device
● It is estimated that over 50% of in-store sales of electronics, appliances, furniture and sporting goods are directly affected by mobile

What This Means To You

While a percentage of shoppers may shop and purchase items using their mobile devices – there is a much larger pool of potential customers who search, discover and research products using mobile devices.
When was the last time you did an inventory of your mobile offerings?
Was your site developed for with responsive design?
How does your site compare when viewed on a laptop/desktop vs. a mobile device?
How mobile-first is your business?
Because such a large percentage of customers are using mobile devices during their shopping process, mobile should be one of the first things you think of when putting together your overall strategy. The simple act of making sure the site is completely viewable on a mobile device can help you turn shoppers into buyers. Mobile should no longer be considered a niche – it is a major avenue that leads consumers to your virtual and physical places of business. For more information on how to make your customers mobile experience more profitable for you, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost, Marketing Daily, Deloitte


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