Why Your Email Campaigns May Not Be Performing As Well As They Should

In a recent post, we looked into the importance data plays in marketing campaigns. In many instances, it’s the difference between campaigns that hit the mark and ones that completely miss goal. Over 90% of companies believe that customer data is essential to any marketing effort – when it comes to email and loyalty programs, correct information is even more important.

email● Over three quarters of businesses believe that their bottom line is effected by inaccurate customer information and 12% of their revenue is wasted
● Two-thirds of companies lack a centralized strategy for data quality
● Most retailers use 4 channels to interact with customers, but 56% use mobile applications to captured customer contact data
● 67% of customers provide email address to specifically receive coupons and discounts
● The majority of consumers now open emails on a mobile device before opening them on a desktop or laptop

What This Means To You

Emails and loyalty programs are an incredibly powerful tool in creating a long-term customer base. Over 80% of small businesses say the main source of new customers comes from referrals. A loyal customer will recommend your business to their friends. But if your loyalty program or email campaigns are not reaching their targets – how are you creating this return customer behavior? Also, because consumers tend to share great offers, how much additional opportunity are you losing because your message never hits a consumer’s inbox?
Take the time to make sure you are collecting good data.
If you are employing a third-party to run your email and loyalty programs, schedule performance audits to make sure they are running optimally.
If you notice that performance is waning, don’t just assume the offer is bad, investigate the for data problems. For more information on how to develop campaigns that create loyal customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost, Experian


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