Binge Viewing Becoming the Norm

Today, we live in the land of “All You Can”. It might have started with “All You Can Eat”, but the internet has evolved into the “All You Can Find” content provider. Content binging moved to television sets a few years ago and it’s considered normal to sit and watch several hours of a series or show at one time.

tv● 70% of TV viewers consider themselves Binge-Viewers
● More than 70% consider it normal and nearly 60% think it’s harmlessly addictive
● Nearly 20% of Bingers do it on a daily basis, over 60% do it weekly
● 90% of consumers will Binge-View over the course of a month
● 61% of Binge-Viewers are 18-34 years old and over one-third are
minority viewers
● More than 40% of Bingers are watching more TV than in the past because
of Binging
● Frequent Bingers are twice as likely to watch the commercials as
infrequent Bingers

What This Means To You

Consumers are becoming more engaged with Television content. They are watching more shows and more episodes of these shows. Consumers who binge are also more likely to see your marketing messages as they spend long periods of time watching TV.
When analyzing you commercial buy or reviewing you TV posts – Live ratings may not be as important as in the past. Live+SD and even Live+7 may give you a more true insight into your messages performance. For more information on how to engage consumers and get better results, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost, Minor & Co. Studio


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