Millennials Haven’t Completely Cut The Cord

Consumers have a voracious appetite for content, but that content comes at a price. Lots of consumers talk about “cutting the cord” when they get the monthly cable bill, but most have not walked away from their content providers yet.

10866●Just 13% of Millennials and 9% of non-millennials do not have a pay TV subscription
● Nearly half of Millennials (adults 18-34) have cable TV, 56% of Non-Millennials are cable subscribers
● 26% of Millennials have satellite and 12% have fiber delivered cable
● Over 63% of all consumers have maintained their level of cable/satellite service in the past year as have 62% of Millennials
● Nearly 30% of all consumers and Millennials in particular have cut back on their level of service
● Only 2% of Millennials and Non-Millennials have cancelled their cable or satellite service

What This Means To You

Consumers have not yet abandoned TV viewing for online content. Over the past year, just 2% of consumers said they have fully “cut the cord”.
But because content has become niched, you need to make sure that the content you advertise in matches the consumers you are trying to reach. Analyze you options in both quantitative (Ratings) and qualitative (Lifestyle & Demo) terms.
Ask yourself two questions before embarking on any campaign.
Who is my target audience?
What are my campaign objective/goal?
These need to be quantifiable answers
Everyone is not a target market.
Increasing sales maybe the end goal but way to many things go into
realizing that.
You need to be able to measure and compare to make the best possible decisions.
For more information on how to create a winning media strategy, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Verizon; eMarketer


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