Can Smart Phones Make You Healthier?

Remember when the only thing your phone did was make calls. Because of improved functionality, consumers are relying more on their devices for an increasing number of things. Health related functions is one of tasks that smart phones are being used for more every day.

smartphone-fitness● 45% of consumers look at health and fitness apps on a daily basis, one in four look at the several times a day
● The top reason consumers access these apps is to track goals – nearly one in three consumers do this
● 28% look for health information and 27% use them for motivation
● Just under 10% use them to identify unhealthy habits, medication adherence, to connect with a medical professional or competition purposes

What This Means To You

There aren’t too many people out there who couldn’t be a little healthier. There also aren’t that many people who don’t have a smart phone within arm’s reach at all times.
This is one of the reasons that health apps or content isn’t a perfect place for health related products or businesses targeting healthy conscious consumers. I also wouldn’t doubt that a
well-placed ad for a bacon double cheese burger wouldn’t spur a good deal of impulse traffic. Consumers who are tracking activity or logging calories are actively engaged with their device and possibly your message. While many businesses only focus on the “getting back in shape” crowd around New Years to take advantage of resolutions, Health Apps can extend your message and allow you create a lasting connection with your target audience. For more information on leveraging your most customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Research Now; eMarketer


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