Socially Engaged Millennial Moms

Yesterday, we looked at how moms, particularly millennial Moms, are rely more on their mobile devices. Today, we’ll continue to celebrate moms by looking into the social activity of millennial moms.

1397150290000-kidstablets● Nearly 85% of millennial moms are on Facebook – that’s 15% higher than the general population
● Millennial moms also spend 24% more time on social networking sites
● More than 70% of moms use social networking sites for brand and product information
● 61% of moms say that social media helps them easily find the information
they need
● 92% of millennial Moms say they share family milestones through social media
● Nearly 60% of Moms have purchased an item because of another Moms recommendation on a social network
● 59% have bought something because a friend “liked” the product or brand on a social network

What This Means To You

Posts from a friend are 16% more influential to millennial Moms than posts from a brand, that’s pretty good.
But this is even better – Posts from another Mom are 44% more influential than posts from a brand. In yesterday’s post we layed out how much potential revenue can come from the mom market. The ability to maximize your share of the Mommy spend starts with you getting testimonials from them. Your voice alone will never have the same power as another Mom. Look for ways to organically create positive mentions from Moms. You can start by asking for them to like you on Facebook. If they do, Thank them. Start a conversation, Ask for their recommendation. Offering a discount to those who provide great testimonials is also something to investigate. Another idea to pursue would be asking permission to use these testimonials in your marketing. Not just digitally, but across all marketing platforms. This could be especially powerful with direct, targeted campaigns like direct mail, email and SMS. For more information on holistically increasing your customer base, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; BabyCenter


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