Saving Money Mobile-ly

Recently, we posted a few pieces on mobile coupon users and the activities they engage in.  New information has come out that shows how important mobile devices for the future of couponing

mobile-coupons● Today, seven in 10 people who use a digital coupon turn in that coupon on a mobile device
● Next year, the number of digital coupon users is expected to hit nearly 120 million adults, over 75% of those digital coupons will redeem their coupon via mobile device
● By 2016, the number of digital couponers will hit nearly 125 million adults with 83% using the mobile coupons
● 80% of mobile coupons users redeem coupons on a tablet and 75% are redeem on a smart phone
● By 2016, it is expected that smart phones will become the mobile coupon redemption vehicle of choice with nearly 90% of mobile coupons being used on a smart phone and 77% being turned in on a tablet

What This Means To You

Coupons are still one of the major ways that consumers make ends meet. The main drivers of mobile adoption are the convenience and value factor. The more convenient you make a function and the more value a consumer perceives that function to be – the quicker consumers will be to use the function on their device. Considering consumers are rarely more than an arm’s reach from a smart phone or tablet, the fact they don’t have to snip, keep and hunt around for mobile coupons make the move to mobile a natural progression. That doesn’t even take into account the savings from the coupon than an arm’s reach away from their mobile devices make couponing via mobile a natural fit. There are many ways to distribute mobile coupons – From your own loyalty programs via SMS/text or email, to your own web site or social media presences, to third party distribution/group sites.
Two things to make sure with any offer
Make sure that it has value – if consumers don’t see a value in your offers, it’s a good bet that they will either stop seeking them out or even looking at them in their inbox. The more targeted the offer the better.
Make sure it’s share-able – When a consumer forwards an offer to a friend, it has greater influence. The easier you make it to share your offer, the more likely it will be shared and holistically grow your customer base. For more information on strategically creating more customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer


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