Consumers Connect With Brand Blogs

As a business, you’ve got multitudes of ways of communicating and engaging your customers. While engagement may seem like just a buzzword, one of the overarching goals of any communications strategy should be developing a deeper relationship with consumers and creating affinity. New research has come out that shows one of the most effective ways to construct lasting consumer relationships is through blogs.

blog-icon● Over 40% of US shoppers said they read brand blogs
● Over 60% of consumers want to see content directly from the brands they love
●44% wanted tips on using a brands products and over a third wanted to see stories from everyday consumers, just like them, that use the company’s products
● Nearly 30% wanted to information on important issues 16% wanted company research
● Just over 10% said that humorous stories kept them interested in the brand’s blog

What This Means To You

Sales come and go – but a long term customer is more likely to buy from your business even if something is not on sale. Company blogs give you the ability to make the customer feel like they are more than just another shopper – they are on the insider. Enlisting the help of other consumers adds to that sense of community. One of the things consumers said they absolutely don’t want in a company blog is how celebrities use their product (over 90% of consumers) or a blatant sales message. Company blogs are a great way to develop that inclusive feel that many customers are looking for. Just leave the hard sell to your other communications platforms. For more information on creating lasting customer relationships, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; TNS, WP Engine


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