Time Spent on Mobile Devices Increasing Dramatically

For many businesses, it may be time to retire the word ecommerce and just go with mcommerce. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to discover, research and purchase merchandise from online presences. As we saw in yesterday’s post, shoppers aren’t just moving towards mobile first, there is a growing number that are mobile only.

shutterstock_86566504● Last year, the time spent on mobile devices exceeded time spent on desktop or laptop machines.
● The top amount of time spent on desktops and laptops was 470 billion minutes – the total spent on smart phones was 472 billion minutes and 134 billion minutes was spent on tablets
● 53% of time spent visiting retail business web sites are done via mobile device. In fact, 6 of the 14 major categories of websites had at least 50% of their traffic come from mobile
● All but 2 types of retail web sites had a majority of mobile visitation. The two which were still mainly desktop driven were automotive and travel
● Among women age 25-49, time on mobile devices more than doubled from 20% of their digital time to 54%. Men age 25-54, spent roughly 41% of their digital time on a mobile device
● 16% think that lack of content will push shoppers to look at sites for competitive products

What This Means To You

Don’t think of your mobile offerings as just your site being viewed on a mobile device. The functionality of smart phones and tablets can give your business a multitude of ways to engage prospective shoppers. As consumers move from the desktop experience to mobile, your mobile efforts are going to have a greater impact on the success of your business.
While we still maybe a ways from mobile point of sale, consumers are relying on their devices for nearly everything else. Look at ways you can integrate more of your business in to the mobile space. While your loyalty program may be a perfect match for mobile integration, you may not think about your HR and inventory systems. Letting consumers when an item is nearly out of stock can help move sales and with the move towards mobile only – putting including your hiring process into mobile is a forward thinking idea. For more information on connecting with consumers in the ways that impact their lives, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; comScore, Millenial Media


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