Mobile Shoppers Haven’t Abandoned Brick and Mortar

Mobile has certainly transformed the buying process, everything from where they shop to how much they are willing to spend. But that doesn’t mean they are just buying things from their mobile device. It has led to deeper consumer research before they purchase and that has boosted some in-store shopping.

shutterstock_76847077● While more than three quarters of shoppers have “showroomed”, nearly 90% have used a mobile device to research products before they buy in-store
● The top mobile activity consumers engage in before buying from a store is finding the lowest price (75% of consumers)
● 72% of mobile researchers will compare products and 71% will conduct product research before buying in store
● The top categories where consumers prefer to shop in-store vs online are grocery products, home furnishings and health & beauty products

What This Means To You

The decision to buy in-store vs. online is based on many factors, not just price.
Convenience is another big factor – but it’s one that cuts both ways.
There is a convenience is shopping when you want, where you want and the ability of having it shipped directly to you. There is also a convenience in getting the merchandise immediately and not having to wait on shipping or paying for expedited shipping.
Many consumers want to touch and feel a product and purchase the exact one they have experienced vs. buying a similar item online.
Selection can be a major factor to lead people to shop online but ease of return often moves people to shop in-store. The more convenient you make the shopping experience, the likely consumers will be to shop at your location vs. shopping a virtual competitor. For more information on leveraging your strengths, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost


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