How Much Time Do You Spend on Email

Email is one of the first types of digital marketing. Those of us with more than just a few miles on our tires actually used to get excited by those three words “You’ve Got Mail”. Didn’t matter what it was because, hey, we had mail and it was electronic. Even though email may be the granddad of new media, it is still very effective.

shutterstock_85921990● The average US adult spends nearly a half hour interacting with email every day
● Over 40% of commercial email is now answered on a mobile device – year over year initial mobile opens have increased by 17%
● After initially opening an email on a mobile device, roughly 8% of those who receive it will click on a link
● Nearly one in four will open it a second time
● Among those who open it a second time – 70% will open it on a different device, with 8% clicking on a link
● The remaining 30% open it again on their mobile device and 13% clicked on a link

What This Means To You

As with most digital activities, email is becoming a mobile first function. Whatever your message is it needs to be easily visible on a mobile device. Emails with heavy text content or extremely large graphics may not deliver the impact you need on mobile devices.
Sharing can play a big part in extending your message – consumers aren’t likely to take responsibility for sending these messages on to friends. Since nearly 10% of consumers will click links in mobile emails – make sure your navigation is intuitive.
One key ingredient that many companies forget about is the list.
Keeping your email lists clean will make your campaigns much more efficient and not give you a reputation as a spam sender.
New research has also shown that consumers have a limited tolerance for email volume.
Email fatigue sets in after 11 from the same business over the course of a month.
For more information on effectively connecting with your target audiences, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Statista; MediaPost; Campaign Monitor; MarketingProfs


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