Are You Sending the Right Message

SMS/Text has been around for 20 years. For much of that time, marketers were unlikely to uses SMS as a channel because of the pay structure of SMS and perceived intrusiveness.
Though consumers have warmed to the idea commercial SMS messages, brand execution has left much to be desired.

main.png● Two-thirds of consumers have received a text message or mobile alert from a brand in the past 6 months
● Less than half of consumers found them useful
● Over half of consumers felt the messages were too “spammy”
● 46% said they were not relevant
● One-third thought the messages had no value

What This Means To You

It’s not that text based marketing is taboo, it’s the messages that are bad. A worthless offer is a worthless offer no matter what the platform is.
Over 40% of consumers said that would share demographic or location based information if given relevant offers or coupons.
They not only want the offer, they are willing to give you the information that will make it valuable.
The key to a successful SMS campaign lies in customer information.
If you know what they buy – deliver offers for those products and services.
If you know where they live – promote the locations near their home.
Integrate your CMR program into your loyalty program and messaging strategy.
If you don’t have a CMR program, ask customers to fill out information about their favorite brands and products through your loyalty program. Let customers know that you are asking for this information so you can provide them with way to say money of the brands and products they love most. For more information on increasing customer affinity, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; HipCricket


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