Getting Consumers to Return To Your Site

In yesterday’s post, we showed information on why consumers are abandoning their online shopping carts. Today’s we’ll focus on what you can do to get these customers to complete the sale .

shopping-cart-abandonment● Just 13% of businesses sent an email to consumers who abandoned their cart
● The average time from abandonment to contact was 30 hours. The shortest was 45 minutes, the longest was 3 days
● Over three quarters of brands who sent a follow up email took a customer service tone with the message
● 25% gave a time frame of when their carts would “expire”, 31% included a price and picture of the items that were abandoned, 15% provided other product options and less than 10% included the items availability
● More than 60% offered consumers the ability to finalize the sale via
● Just 5% of business sent more than one email to return the sale

What This Means To You

Reaching out to these shoppers is the first step in getting them to finish the sales process. Doing it in a timely fashion is step 2. Timely is key, while 45 minutes seems a stalker-esque , 3 days is far to long. After that amount of time, consumers have either put it out of mind or found a suitable replacement. Whether it’s through letting them know the cart will “expire” or that supplies of what they want could be running out, fear of missing out can drive them to complete the sale. Providing an offer or discount maybe the most powerful tool in getting consumers to finish the purchase. Free-shipping or discounted expedited shipping is one of the most effective offers. Make sure whatever offer you provide is easily tracked. Using coupon codes will help you decide what offer works best for future cart abondoners. For more information on effectively using digital sales tools, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Center for Media Research; Forester Research: MarketingSherpa, Paypal, comScore


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