Tweets Deliver for Brands

Businesses continue to rely on social media for more and more things. Everything from direct sales messages to customer service functions are becoming more social – even while many companies are trying decipher the value derived from their social marketing efforts.
A new study was recently released showing that Twitter can be an effective messaging tool.

twitter-3d-icon● 32% of Twitter users reported seeing a Tweet from a brand
● One third of users recalled seeing
a brand mentioned in a tweet that did
not originate from the brand
(Shared by other users)
● 45% of users who saw a brand’s tweet took action. Over 60% of users took action after seeing a brand mentioned in a tweet that did not come from the brand
● Overall 79% of those who saw a brand mentioned took action either online or offline
● Eight in 10 Twitter users have mentioned a brand in their Tweets – half had mentioned brand 15+ times over the 7 month study period
● Overall 23% of those who took action visited the brand’s website, 20% visited the brand’s Twitter page
● 20% of those who received a tweet from a brand, subsequently did an online search for that brand and 19% say they would consider buying the brand after getting the tweet

What This Means To You

Over all half of the Twitter users studied recalled seeing a message. While tweets that were sent by the brand were effective at causing action, ones that were shared by other users were even more effective. Remember that social media is not a one-way street – the goal is not to just deliver your message to consumers. You want to create a conversation – this is what spurs affinity and loyalty. You also want consumers to share the message. One in six Twitter users studied retweeted a message that mentioned a brand. Just like a “like”, that retweet or brand mention from someone they follow is a virtual endorsement.
Successfully marketing via Twitter is not a once a week function. Building your base of followers requires you to not only sending out frequent messages,
it means sending out unique offers and content. If all you do is sent out the
same 10% off offer, how likely are consumers to continue following and sharing your messages?
Some basic things to do:
Develop a consistent HashTag strategy – This can be a place where consumers are first exposed to your brand on Twitter
When someone decides to follow you , send them a welcome message.
When someone retweets a message of yours, thank them
When someone makes a positive mention of your brand in a tweet – Retweet it and mention them
Research shows that Twitter can not only create consumer engagement with your brand, it also can lead to increased sales. For more information on socially growing your brand, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Guy Wright, Tech Guru Daily; The Advertising Research Foundation; FOX; DB5


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