What Happens After the Mobile Search?

The vast majority of consumers do their homework before they make a purchase. In fact, over 80% consumers do some sort of research before they buy. Search engines are most often the starting points for this research and mobile is the platform where consumers are moving.
A recent report outlines what happens after consumers conduct a mobile search.

Mobile-Paid-Search● 75% of mobile searches spur some kind of action
● More than a third of consumers who performed a mobile search continued to do research on the product or brand
● One in four visited the company’s or brand’s web site
● Nearly 20% shared the information they found with a friend or online peer
● 17% visited a store
● 17% made a purchase
● Just under 10% called the business

What This Means To You

Search is extremely powerful and influential. Nearly 40% of consumers who conducted a mobile search either made a purchase or visited a store. This alone should be reason enough to include a search strategy into your overall business plan. This doesn’t even include the brand evangelism that happens with sharing or the possible traffic to your virtual location.
When was the last time you performed a search on your business to see where you come up?
Not just the name of your business, but also the category of business you are in and the identifiable space (county, town, neighborhood) where you are located.
Are you the first one listed?
One of the first four?
On the first page?
Are any of your competitors listed above you?
Consumers most often click or tap the first listing and they rarely go below the first four. It is extremely rare they ever search beyond the first page. If you competition is listed above you, it is more than just a little likely that they are taking potential business from you. For more information on creating more traffic and generating more revenue, please contact :

Al Fiala

Sources: Google/Nielsen Mobile Search Moments


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