What Day Has the Highest TV Viewership

Television advertising has the most influence of any media over what consumers buy. Over 70% of consumers have said that it is the primary driver of action throughout the buying cycle. The 2013-2014 Prime-Time season has recently ended and new information is out that shows what days have the highest Prime-Time viewership.

comic_TV.svg.med● On an average night, over 114 million US consumers watch Prime Time television
● Sundays and Mondays had the highest numbers of adults viewing
● An average of 125 million people watched Sunday night Prime programming and 120 million watched on Monday nights
● Tuesday nights averaged 114 million, Wednesday Night had 113 million and Thursday night averaged 112 million
● On Friday nights, there were an average of 107 million and 108 million on Saturday night

What This Means To You

Remember that these numbers are national in nature and may not reflect what your specific goals may be. For Instance, if you were running a weekend special, you would most likely want to advertise on earlier in the week to promote it. If you want to spur last minute sales for Father’s Day, getting your message out Thursday through Saturday would be important. You should also request qualitative information to see what programs best match your target consumer. For more information on making wise media decisions, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Nielsen; TVB


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