How Much Time Do You Spend Using Devices

Yesterday, we showed information on the number of people watching Prime Time television. Today’s post will look closer at much time consumers spend using devices. Because time is money, knowing where consumers spend their time can help you decide where to spend your marketing dollars.

● Traditional television was the device that had the highest average time spent with it. On average consumer spend over 155 hours each month watching traditional TV
● Using Apps or accessing the Web on a Smart Phone ranked #2 at over 34 hours each month and going online on a desktop, laptop or tablet was third at over 27 hours each month
● Consumers spend an average of more than 14 hours watching time-shifted TV each month and almost 8 hours a month with gaming consoles
● Watching video content over the Internet takes up an average of 7.5 hours monthly and using a DVD or Blue Ray device accounts for over 5 hours monthly
● Consumers spend roughly an hour and 20 minutes each month watching video on a smart phone and just over an hour each month using a multimedia device such as an Apply TV or Roku device

What This Means To You

Technology has made it quicker and easier to access a world of content.  Even though there are many more places to find this content, on thing is obvious – consumers spend a large amount of time watching TV. While smart phones may be a constant companion, they may not be actively using them much of the time. One of the other big takeaways is how much time consumers are with internet based video content vs. DVD/Blue ray content. For more information on how to best leverage the time consumers spend with media, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Nielsen


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