Creating Brand Loyalty

Recently, we posted information on the power of loyal consumers. Not only do they tend to spend more, they tend to be more forgiving can be one of your most influential strategic acquisition tools. Today, we’ll look at some of the things that go into what makes people become loyal to a brand. This can help you develop strategies to convert first-time shoppers into loyal customers.

brand-loyalty● Nearly 60% of consumers said that a brand became their favorite right after purchase of an item or first use of a service
● Over one in three shoppers said that quality
and image were the most important factor in creating loyalty
● Nearly 30% said customer service was the most import factor in forming
brand loyalty
● Nearly two-thirds of consumers welcomed emails or texts from the brands
they have a loyal relationship with
● Over 40% of consumers said they would not use brands that they received unwanted communications with

What This Means To You
First impressions are very important and not just your physical ones. Your digital persona is the gateway to your business. Over 80% of customers will do research before making a purchase – a large majority using digital tools to do so. So how your site and your social sites are presented are very important. One other thing to consider is your communications with customers. Loyal customers love to receive information from you. Those who make not have a loyal relationship with you – not so much. Consumer’s definition of SPAM is not the same as the legal definition. Anything unwanted (even if they might have signed up for it) is SPAM to them. They key to staying out of their perception of SPAM is making sure your messages and offers to them are valuable. It’s a good idea to look at who opened your email lists. If consumers haven’t opened a message in a few months, it may be time to cull them from your list. If they are opening them and not acting on them – maybe increase the offer to see if you can spur sales. For more information on growing your business and developing loyal customers,
please contact
Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost, ClickFox, Thunderhead


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