Small Businesses and Twitter

Recently, we featured information on how small businesses are using social media as a promotional tool. One of the takeaways was just many small businesses are using Facebook as a promotional platform. A new study has come out that shows how many SMB’s are using Twitter and their opinion of the social platform.

twitter-logo-break● Over 70% of the small businesses surveyed said it was important to have a Twitter presence, but only four in 10 were using the social platform
● Among the businesses using Twitter, nearly 70% posted at least once a day and almost three quarters said they received a positive return on the time they invested
● Over 90% of businesses using Twitter considered it their most valuable social resource
● The majority of businesses were using Twitter to connect followers with content – 74% connected with their website, 40% connected to blog and 17% connected followers to a newsletter

What This Means To You

Social media should be viewed as a connection point and a way to drive business. But it starts with a strategy. Just having a Twitter handle (or any social media existence) does not mean you are socially marketing your business. Setup up guidelines about what you are going to post, this help you extend the persona of your brand to your social presences. Determine how often you are going to post and set goals for mentions and retweets. Think of your social functions like someone who works in your establishment. They welcome people who talk through the door, they don’t ignore customers questions and are on the lookout for possibly unhappy customers. So to transfer this socially – Send a welcome message or thank you tweet for following. Check for and return direct messages and monitor your hashtags for negative information. Tomorrow, we’ll dig into the bottom line value of social marketing – engagement and interaction with your friends and followers. For more information on generating more business through social means, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Twitter


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