Engaging Consumers With Twitter

Earlier this week, we posted information on how small businesses are using Twitter. Today we’ll look at how these businesses engage customers and followers using the social network.

twitter-bird-blue-on-white● Over half of businesses consider Twitter very important as a customer service tool
● Nearly nine in 10 small businesses using Twitter tweet directly to customers
● Four in 10 businesses reply to customer’s message within an hour
● 90% of organizations using Twitter as the consumers who interact with are valuable to their business
● Over two-thirds say that it is extremely valuable when their followers recommend them to other Twitter users

What This Means To You

When it comes to any social media marketing, engagement and interaction are key. More and more consumers are using social media as a customer service tool. They are either using it to ask question or more importantly deliver feedback. Often that feedback is not directly given to the company. They are telling their friends and online peers. If this information is positive – great, social evangelism is an extremely influential tool in developing new and loyal customers. If that feedback is negative – you have a problem that needs to be addressed. Consumers rely on the internet to do pre-purchase research. They look at social presences, and if you have negative comments, posts or reviews – it is a red flag to perspective buyers. The more communication you have with customers, the more likely they are to develop an affinity with your brand and come to you with customer service problem first before going to friends and followers. For more information on developing customers through social media, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Twitter


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