Social Networks And Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers remain to be a large and lucrative target market. They may have been one of the later segments to come to the social media party; they have become firmly implanted in it.

seniors_online● There are an estimated 77.3 million Baby Boomers in the US
● 60% of adults 50-64 actively use social media as do over 40% of those 65+
● In the past 4 years, the number of Baby Boomers on social media has tripled
● Seven in 10 Baby Boomers say they have a Facebook account, 40% are actively on FaceBook
● 34% have used YouTube and 13% actively watch online video on the network
● 39% have a Google+ account with 14% actively using it
● 31% of Baby Boomers have a Twitter handle and 12% actively tweet. Twitters biggest growth area has been among Baby Boomers
● One in four Baby Boomers say they are on LinkedIn with just under 10% actively using the network
● While Pinterest has a lower usage rate with11% having an account and 4% actively using it – Pinterest has a rapid growth rate among Baby Boomers

What This Means To You

The Baby Boomer audience is one that cannot be ignored. Social media gives you the opportunity to build loyal relationships with them. Because they aren’t as digitally jaded as other consumer segments, you probably have a great occasion of impacting their decision making through social media.
While many other segments use social networks to keep in touch with friends or to build support networks, Baby Boomers are mainly on social networks to stay in touch with family. Also, many Baby Boomers are also in a transition phase of their lives. Moving from work to retirement, possibly downsizing their residences, dealing with medical issues and insurance. Social networks can serve as an information source and a connection tool. For more information on strengthening your relationship with Baby Boomer consumers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Global Web Index; Pew Center


2 responses to “Social Networks And Baby Boomers

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  2. Is wonder how much of the 60% of active social media users are on Facebook? Probably a very high percentage.

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