Brands and Engagement Channels

We recently posted information on how many brands are not effectively delivering their message to consumers. Today, we’ll look at the mobile
pathways consumers are using to engage with the brands they love. Knowing
the channels they can help you jump start engagement and make your organization more efficient.

email_brand-awareness1-624x570● Six in 10 consumers are actively engaged with brands through mobile devices
● On average, consumers are connected to 10 different brands
● Over 80% of these mobile-ly connected consumers get email or a newsletter from the brand
● 47% have Liked a brand on Facebook
● 47% have also opted in to receive text / sms messages from brands
● 19% get brand originated push messages
● 12% follow brands on Twitter

What This Means To You

Consumers are actively bonding with brands through mobile devices. This activity puts your message in the palm of their hands through a device that is rarely more than a few feet away from them. More importantly, they have these devices with them when they are shopping in-store or while planning their shopping. The key to getting them invested in your brand is value. We all get enough email , what triggers you to open it? You have to find value in the message. On a consumer side, it could be a discount, new product offer or special savings on a particular product they use. While a general offer may get their attention – the more personal you make it, the more valuable the consumer will find it. Each consumer is different, so the things they put value in is different. This is why intelligence about your customers or target market is so important. CMR or loyalty solutions can you identify what your customers are buying – this can help you craft offers that are more personal. If these programs are not possible you, ask them a couple of question s when they sign up to get communication from you. If you let them know that this will help to lower the traffic to their inbox, they will be more likely to answer a few questions. For more information on creating deeper customer relationships, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: HipCricket; MediaPost


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