Reasons Behind Cord Cutting

There has been a great deal of studies looking into the reasons behind consumers considering cutting the cord with their cable company. Many of these studies have focused on the plethora of content available. A study has come out that shows another aspect, people just don’t like their cable provider.

120207_cordwhere3● 53% of consumers surveyed would quit their cable provider if there was an alternative
● 72% believe that things will get worse as their cable provider gets larger
● Nearly 75% consider their cable company to by predatory, taking advantage of consumers’ lack of choice
● Close to 60% feel they have really no other choice but to grin and bear it

What This Means To You

People don’t like their current cable provider, but also don’t think they have viable alternatives.
Consumers may also have the same feeling about their satellite provider, cable over fiber provider and their power and water companies. The force use utility perception that cable companies are dealing with is probably going to hurt them more than standard utilities. More and more content choices are popping up every day and while the switch can be painful at first, consumer can probably adjust. There are not that many choices when it comes to your power and water. While we crave content, I’m pretty sure we crave air conditioning and showers a good deal more. With the number of OTT options and the quality original content they provide on the rise, we could see more consumers go there for premium content instead of cable. Bottom line is that many people may complain about their cable provider and consider cutting the cord, but it still might be too uncomfortable for most to do. This may have to do with the fact that most cable companies are also the biggest internet provider in the area.
They are also major providers for home phone and cable companies are also getting into the home security, monitoring and alarm business. This could make
getting these other services ala carte more expensive.  For more information on effectively delivering your message and growing your business, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost, cg42


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