Localizing Mobile Marketing

Consumer’s dependence, almost to the point of addiction, to mobile device has led to smart phones or tablets rarely being an arm’s length away from them. One of the biggest benefits from that is the ability for businesses to reach and engage shoppers while they are shopping. New research has come out showing how businesses are looking to more effectively targeted in-store “smart shoppers”.

shutterstock_87239659● Just 3% of businesses currently have the ability to identify customers who have smart phones
● In the next five years, over 70% of businesses plan to implement this type of location based marketing
● 95% of businesses indicated that improving customer experience and engagement with mobile devices was one of their top initiatives
● 28 % of retailers have some kind of mobile marketing, 56% plan to implement it in the next 2 years
● Just over half of companies are involving their IT departments into their mobile strategy development
● 44% of companies are not including their IT departments in developing
mobile plans

What This Means To You

As more consumers move into mobile first and mobile only modes, your mobile strategy will become more important. But mobile should not be a standalone solution. Mobile needs to be part and parcel of your overall plan – it should be seen as a tactic for success. It is not just a sales tool, it’s also a branding instrument, a recruitment mechanism and a communication apparatus. When developing your tactics, think of mobile holistically – it can affect many facets of your business. By having all parties at the table, you can save time, money and sales because you won’t be continually redesigning a system based on new departments wanting to capitalize on the benefits of mobile. Don’t just think of your IT staff as the folks who will implement the system – have them help with strategy. This way you will know the limits of your current system and make plans for the future. For more information on increasing your footprint through mobile, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Mobile Commerce Daily; Boston Retail Partners








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