The Rise of Connected TVs

There was a time when online video content was mostly cute pet and baby videos with stop motion lego movies made by the strange kid down the street sprinkled in. Now consumer’s choice of quality content is nearly limitless and TV’s are the place where why watch. This has sparked shoppers into buying Smart TV’s and devices that connect TV’s to online content.

samsung-smart-tv● Currently there are nearly 50 million Smart TV owners in the US and over 113 million people who have Connected TV’s (Television connected to devices such as Apple TV, Roku and Google ChromeCast)
● Roughly half of all consumers and 65% of internet users own either a Smart TV or have own a connected TV
● By 2018, its estimated that 82% of people will have either a connected TV or Smart TV
● That’s a population of over 270 million people – an increase of 66% over today

What This Means To You

There will be more places for your messages to appear. It also means there you will have to be more informed about the types of customers you have and the segments you want to target. With all this content, you will find more niche opportunities. These niche opportunities give you a greater ability to speak directly to the needs of your prospective customers and develop value with them Providing value is a key step in engagement.
What do you know about your customers?
What are you doing now to learn about your customer?
Do you have a CRM tool?
Are you selling them the products they want to buy or just the things you want them to purchase?
The more you know, the better suited you are to be a preferred brand of theirs.
When you are marketing them the products they want, they don’t see it as advertising, it is seen as a valued service. When you are try to sell them things they don’t want to buy, you are not relevant to them.
Gaining more information will help you effectively and efficiently choose the tools you use to market your products and makes it easier to evaluate their delivery. For more information on choosing media effectively please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer


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