What Are The Most Common Mobile Retail Activities

On average, consumers look at their mobile devices 100 times a day. Since mobile is becoming such a big part of the retail messaging, have you ever wondered what mobile retail activities most often take place?
A new report has come out that provides a snapshot of the most common
mobile retail activities. This information can help your mobile messaging
tactics be more effective and efficient.

shutterstock_98997599● Just over one in four consumers have tracked a package using a mobile device
● 25% have researched a product on a mobile device before going to a store
● Over 20% have researched products while in a store or checked to see what inventory might be on hand
● Roughly one in five have opened an email from a retailer and then made an in-store purchase. Over 20% have also opened a retailer’s email and then made a mobile purchase
● 18% have called, emailed or texted a friend /family member to get feedback on a purchase they are considering
● Approximately 15% have either posted product reviews from a mobile device or used a mobile device to contact customer service
● Under 15% have either reserved a retail product through a mobile device for pickup at a later time or purchased products as the result of a text message

What This Means To You

While many consumers are using their mobile devices to research and purchase retail products, a good deal are also using them for customer service functions. Whether it’s checking inventory, directly contacting customer service or tracking purchases, consumers are leaning on mobile devices for functions that may not be fully transactional in nature. These activities give you the opportunity to create new sales or extend existing ones.
If a consumer is tracking a package, you most likely have a good deal of information on that customer and can make product recommendations based on past purchases
If a consumer is checking inventory, they are most likely interested in purchasing that product. It’s an excellent time to get them to either enroll in a loyalty program or make product suggestions associated with the item they are checking on.
Mobile is also becoming a major instrument for feedback. Shoppers are using their devices to post feedback and solicit the opinions of the people they trust. Use reviews to your advantage – both about the products you sell and your business in general. Sometimes reviews can be hard to read on mobile devices so be sure you test them. Also, give consumers the ability to post reviews as well. For more information on taking advantage of mobile consumerism, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: UPS; comScore; eMarketer


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