Consumers Access Retailers Through a Variety of Channels

Many younger consumers don’t know how they could survive without the 24 hour convenience of online shopping. The next generation of shoppers will probably not understand how their parents survived before the ability to buy on the go provided by mobile. With so many options of portals, channels and platforms to buy from – today’s consumers are anything but monolithic in their approach to buying goods and services.

Advies-page_Multichannel_marketing● 40% of purchases involve more than one channel in the shopping process
● Over 60% of shoppers said they prefer to research purchases on a desktop or laptop and
over one in five would rather research on a mobile device
● 13% like to research products in-store and 4% depended on catalogs for product research
● 44% said it was their preference to make purchases online via laptop or desktop
● 41% preferred buying items in-store
● Just over 10% preferred to buy on their mobile device and 5% use catalog for purchasing

What This Means To You

Consumer preference doesn’t always match with actual behavior. They may prefer the larger screen and the easy print capability that desktop researching provides – but online traffic patterns show that the convenience of mobile is a force to be reckoned with.  Consumers’ preference for in-store purchasing definitely gives you the ability to extend the sale.
By giving shoppers the ability to pick up online purchases at your location you eliminate the wait time for consumers and can offer them a saving in shipping fees. You can also leverage items that they may need associated with the purchase they made. For more information on how to gain a competitive advantage, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: UPS; comScore; eMarketer


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