In App Ad Acceptance

Consumers are app addicted. On average, people spend roughly 30 minutes a day interacting with mobile apps – roughly 15% of their total time on mobile devices. In the past year, time spent on apps has increased by 30%. With so much time spent using apps. They could be a great place for to you to put your messages.

shutterstock_86181751● On average, US consumers has 33 free apps on their smartphone – 25 of which are free
● US consumers have 25% more apps downloaded onto their smart phones than the average global mobile user
● Nearly 70% of consumers prefer in-app ads that do not interrupt app usage
● Over two-thirds want rewards for interacting with in-app ads
● Half of consumers like to choose from a gallery of ads in their apps
● 47% would like to receive location based in-app offers

What This Means To You

Whether these apps are for games, shopping, information or communication, consumers are highly engaged with them. Because so many apps are based on either lifestyle or demographic focused, they can give you some incredible targeting capabilities. The survey data collected also point to one thing you should avoid at all costs – interfering with the users app experience. For more information on leveraging your brand through mobile, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; IPG Media Lab;; Mashable


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