Types of In-App Marketing Tactics

In yesterday’s post, we looked at in-app advertising and user preferences. Today, we’ll look at the types of in-app ads consumers find acceptable. The more accepting consumers are of a form of advertising, the more likely they are to use and rely on it.

shutterstock_95561476● Nearly 85% of consumers found In-app ads that provide rewards to be acceptable. In fact, 42% said it was very acceptable
● 76% said that small banner ads were acceptable. 27% said they were very acceptable
● Less than 20% of consumers found full screen ads to be acceptable. Almost 40% said they were very unacceptable
● Less than 15% said that full screen video ads were acceptable. Half said they were very unacceptable
● 73% of consumers said products/brands that had reward based in-app advertising reflected that they were a quality brand
● 66% said they viewed products/brands featured in reward based in-app ads with respect and over half said that it made the brand look more modern. 50% of consumers said they looked at products featured in rewards based in-app ads as premium items

What This Means To You

Yesterday’s post showed just how big the in-app ad market could be. To take full advantage of that market, providing users with rewards is important. The good news is that it also gives you opportunity to gain more information on potential customers. Whether the rewards are for loyalty points, discounts or even free shipping, take the time to ask a few questions. The more you know about a customer the deeper your relationship will be. By simply asking for their birthday, and then sending them an ecard on their big day, you’ll probably earn a new customer. Keep the questions short and let consumers know that you will not share their information, And then, and this is important, don’t share their information. For more information on increasing revenues through customer intelligence, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; IPG Media Lab; Marketingcharts.com; Mashable


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