Mobile Drives Entertainment Information

Whether it’s going to movies, heading out to dinner or just looking for something fun to do, consumers are turning to mobile devices for their entertainment information. Long gone are the days of grabbing a newspaper to see what is playing at the multiplex or finding out about a band coming to town from a snipe poster glued to a street sign. Today’s entertainment seekers literally have the world in the palm of their hand.

mobile concert● Nearly 80% of consumers make plans to see live entertainment because of information they find on their mobile device
● Over 40% always or often make plans via mobile device
● 42% have researched entertainment events on their mobile device and nearly 40% have downloaded related content
● 33% have watched movie trailers on their mobile device and over 30% have made plans for after a show on their mobile device
● More than one or more have read a movie, restaurant, music or event review on their device
●22% have checking at an event via social apps and 15% arranged transportation either to or from the event on their mobile device

What This Means To You

Entertainment is one of those categories what many businesses outside of the traditional entertainment category can take advantage of. A big event can be a galvanizing experience that helps your business create a touch point with consumers. Talk about these events through your social presences. Invite your friends and followers to post pictures of the event. Talk to the stake holders about possibly becoming promotionally involved. This engagement can be an even bigger draw with local events. Local bands, theatre companies, art galleries and artists are always looking for promotional opportunities. Their passionate fans could become your next group of loyal customers.
For people in the entertainment business, how mobile are your promotional materials?
Are you leveraging all you can via mobile?
What about social media? Are your doing more than just Facebook (hopefully yes!)?
More importantly, are you using it to engage fans and potential patrons?
For more information on using entertainment information to grow your business, or if you are a person working in entertainment who would like some gratis help, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; IAB


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