Are Consumers Streaming More or Less?

Yesterday’s post looked into how people are watching content. Today, we’ll get deeper into streaming and consumer’s plans for streaming media.

10866● 23% of US adults say they are streaming more now than in the past. When the question was asked 2 years ago, roughly the same amount of people said they were streaming more
● Nearly 40% of people said their streaming activities had not changed
● 10% of people said they are streaming less and 33% said they don’t stream at all
● 18% of streamers said they plan to stream more content in the next year
● 50% think that their streaming activities will not increase or decrease in the future
● Less than 5% said they will probably be streaming less in the next year

What This Means To You

Streaming is probably not just a streaming fad. How content is delivered will probably continue to evolve. While there are not many marketing opportunities associated with most streaming content, talking about it through you social networks can create engagement with followers (just like entertainment information). Something to look out for is how providers leverage content. They have realized that exclusivity is key to keeping streamers using their platforms. This is where they may be some marketing opportunities through promotional activities. For more information on utilizing streaming content, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Center for Media Research; Harris Interactive


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