TV Multitasking Activities

How many people do you think just watch television?
Not watch and text, not watch and surf, not watch and shop – just watch TV?
A recently released report chronicles how many people multitask while viewing, what they are doing and how many adults just simply sit down and watch TV.

shutterstock_87446171 copy● Over 80% of consumers are engaged in at least one activity while watching TV. Less than one in five consumers are solely focused on TV
● Over 60% of adults are on the Internet while watching TV (40% via laptop/desk top and 23% via mobile device). There has been a slight decline in online use while watching TV in the past year.
● The percentage of people surfing via laptop or desktop has decreased by more than 10 points year over year (2013: 51% / 2014: 40%). Mobile device use is up 7 points
● 35% of adults are using a social network while watching TV
● Nearly 30% are shopping online and viewing
● More than a third are texting
● 30% of consumers are reading books, magazines or newspapers while watching TV and 7% are reading a book on an ereader

What This Means To You

Consumers’ multitasking while watching gives you the opportunity to expand engagement with viewers. Studies have shown that TV is the media that consumers spend the most time with and is the top advertising medium for driving purchase intent. By incorporating your web address and social information into your commercials, you can extend the reach of TV and create targeted approaches. Not only will it help to create a deeper relationship with viewers, it can help amplify your message through sharing. If you have an offer either on your site or on your social presence, make sure it is share able across all platforms. Give consumers the ability to not just “like” the offer but tweet (or retweet) it, email it and test it. An offer sent from a freed or peer will carry more weight than something you send out yourself. This is an effective way to create awareness about positive reviews and testimonials as well.
For more information on increasing engagement and developing new customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Center for Media Research; Harris Interactive


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