Consumers Consider Smart Phones Their Easiest To Use Shopping Assistant

Mobile devices have become a mainstay in for consumer shopping in-store. While many retailers are wary of mobile use in-store, there are several strategies you can use to turn consumers mobile use into one that benefits you vs. moving sales to a competitor or competitive platform. Besides, how could you stop someone from using a mobile device in-store without hindering their experience?

shutterstock_98997599● 90% of consumers said that their smartphone was their easiest –to-use device while shopping in a brick and mortar store
● 36% of shoppers used a mobile device to look for a coupon
● 26% accessed their shopping list
● Over 60% of mobile shoppers always or often make a shopping list on their device before going to the store
● 12% shopped online while in-store
● 10% looked for deals and sales
● 9% compared prices
● 8% looked up ratings and reviews

What This Means To You

Consumers rely on their devices for a multitude of things. In fact, a growing number of consumers consider themselves addicted to their smart phones and tablets. There are several things you can do to keep mobile shoppers spending at your versus going somewhere else.
Put in-store only coupons on your site. Make them prominent, so consumers using a smaller screen will easily find them. Think about couponing in your SEO strategies as well.
Offer price matching. Price matching can be a great tool to keep shoppers who al already in your location from going to a competitor.
Utilize ratings and reviews. Use QR codes and in-store signage to link consumers to favorable reviews for products you are selling and your store in general.
Promote free Wi-Fi. Since consumers are already going online with mobile devices, free Wi-Fi will be seen as a benefit to shopping in-store. These are just a few things you can do to use smartphones as an ally.  For more information on creating a better mobile experience, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Mobile Commerce Daily; G/O Digital; Key Ring


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